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Saving Costs by Send Money to Singapore

Send to money Singapore
Send to money via smartphone application

The method of sending money is now more sophisticated, only via cellphone can send money anywhere. Get to know the method of sending money first via a bank or Wastern Union (WU). Overseas, for example, send money to Singapore, there is a trusted money transfer, namely Transfez. Transfez is already in December 2019, which is engaged in the business sector, namely remittances that already exist on the iOS and Android smartphone platforms, making it easier for customers who want to send money abroad, the method is very practical, easy, safe, fast, efficient, and cheap. This is good news for customers who want to send money overseas.


Transfez is a startup created by Indonesian children, Edo Windratno, who is already engaged in sending money from Indonesia to abroad. CEO Edo has a mission to support parents, students, or anyone who wants to facilitate sending money abroad as the easiest, cheapest and transparent way to pay for education. Transferring money abroad used to be very expensive. However, Transfez presents it at such low cost that anyone can enjoy startups in money transfer services. In addition, sometimes you have to queue at the post office or bank to send money. Now you can go digital, sending money at your fingertips using the Transfez application.

The Transfez application has released an application for quite a long time with a pretty good track record, so it is evident that a large amount of Rp 220 billion has been sent via Transfez. Transfez has been supervised by PPATK (Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center) and Bank Indonesia. Security and also service at speed has been tested so there is no doubt. Through this application, it is different from the conventional method where you have to open a bank in Indonesia that first provides money transfer services abroad. With this Transfez you can send money from any account in Indonesia to the Transfez account. Then Transfez partners in Singapore will send the recipient's account in Singapore through the Singapore account.

Benefits of Sending Money via Transfez

  1. Flat Fee Money transfers remain the same
  2. The foreign currency exchange rate is very fair, with only 0.5% of the profits obtained by Transfez with a margin exchange. That this presentation is very fair compared to the exchange rate offered by the Bank.
  3. Fast money arrives, around 1-2 working days with transactions to several other countries including Singapore and even within minutes (real time). As in some countries, money transfer transactions cannot arrive directly. If on a weekday it can be up to 3 days, but it is blocked by a weekend, it will be more than 3 days.
  4. No need to open a specific bank account
  5. Can send money 24 hours anywhere and anytime only by using the application
  6. No need to queue at the bank so it is much more practical and efficient
  7. Customer Service at Transfez is super helpful, friendly, and responsive

On the cost of sending money to Singapore, you only need to pay a saving rate of IDR 89,000 (see fees in a transparent manner). There are no high fees, additional fees, or hidden fees, among other things. The transfer will arrive in just a few minutes (close to real time). Download here sending money to Singapore is very easy and can save up to 91% cost compared to transfers from other banks.

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